Good Info from HRU 2021

Today, January 9th, Ham Radio University is providing a number of presentations over GotoWebinar. This I think is the first time they are providing the presentations online and it is working well! Registration was free but $5 donations were suggested to support the costs of providing the GotoWebinar sessions. Personally I suggest doubling or tripling the donation to pay for some of the Hams that are unable to donate this year. Especially this year when so many have been unemployed.

I just sat through the HF Digital Modes presentation by Neil Goldstein (W2NDG) and there were a few good tidbits that came out of this presentation. His blog site looks like it has a lot of useful information also. You can find it at

First a wealth of information can be found at There is a bunch of information about running FT-8 there and I am still exploring a bunch of that information.

Another site to visit is They have a number of nice kits and I will leave it at that.

Next year when the HRU 2022 registration comes around, don’t hesitate and fill in the registration!